My Answers to John Maxwell’s Three “Why” Questions



Let me first describe my Heart before I give answers to John Maxwell’s 3 questions to help you find your “why”.

I have a peacemaker’s heart; I long to see relationships restored and emotional wounds healed.  This can be on a personal level, between two people I care about; or it can me on a national level, between conflicting factions within US society.  I believe a key to seeing this happen is effective communication skills combined with a humble and selfless attitude.

12087715_10153290628727675_858491728935499667_oI have a strong desire for social justice, but it has to be implemented in a way that empowers people to become everything God designed them to be.  Those of us in positions of accomplishment and influence have a responsibility to help those who have limited opportunities and options.

These are the passions that motivate me on a general sense.  In finding my “why,” I’ve found I have to get much more detailed.


In his book Intentional Living, John Maxwell poses three questions intended to help people discover their “why”:

  • What do you cry about?  “What causes so much discomfort that you are motivated to take action and do something to bring healing to that situation?”

I cry for the nations.  We have it so good here in the US, even with all the challenges, divisions, and other problems.  From a young age, I have loved other nations, languages, and cultures, and that is still a large part of what moves me.

Even more specifically, I cry over the plight of women in developing countries.  So many women around the world are not only limited in who they can be and what they can accomplish but also experience daily abuse of all kinds.  When I hear about human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, I get so angry I feel I have to do something!

  • What do you sing about?  “What makes you jump for joy or spontaneously break into song?”

Have you ever experienced that moment of knowing you are in the right place at the right time doing exactly what God designed you for?  I have, and it is moments like that when I want to sing and dance.

Another part of this is helping other people experience these moments.  Can you imagine a world where every person was fully engaged in living out their God-given purpose?  Fully alive, fully engaged, fully effective – it sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  It’s what I imagine “heaven on earth” would be like.

  • What do you dream about?  “What if you could do something significant, something that would impact others and outlast you?”

I dream about being part of a team working towards a common goal.  IMG_8119

I dream of a world where no woman need fear injury or death just for living out her purpose.

I dream of a world where limitations of opportunity did not hinder people from developing their God-given SHAPE and engaging in their destiny.

I dream of a world where peace and harmony between individuals and groups were the rule rather than the exception, where diplomacy replaced bluster, and where respect for others were the norm.


Take It Deeper

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