A Painful Pruning …


What have you sacrificed in order to pursue your dream?

This week I let go of something good, something I not only enjoyed but also deeply believed was a valuable investment of my time.  This may be for a season, or it may not.  It’s uncertain to me just now, but as Robert Frost said in his famous poem:

“Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.”

Why would I do such a thing?

John Maxwell describes my dilemma in both The 15 Laws of Growth in the Law of Trade-offs and in The 21 Laws of Leadership in the Law of Sacrifice.  Sometimes things that are good, noble, and worthy require time and energy that is needed for other pursuits.

Just as a farmer prunes back his vines, bushes, and trees to enable them to become more productive, sometimes we need to prune our own lives.

I have had some pretty big goals for the past three years, goals that have not yet been realized.  These goals are also good, noble, and worthy.  I have let go of something good today with the hope of reaping something bigger tomorrow.  I have decided that my goals and dreams are worth the sacrifice.

What are you still holding on to that is preventing you from moving forward?



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