The Power of Baby Steps


What change have you been putting off, assuming it would be too difficult, too challenging, to different?

Recently, I “bit the bullet” and started taking action in an area that I knew would move me in the direction of my BIG goals.  I don’t think I expected dramatic results; I just knew I was desperate for a change.

Imagine my surprise when I started making great progress towards my goals due to opportunities that popped up separately from the action I was taking!

This is not the first time I’ve experienced big results from just small, simple steps.  Last fall, small changes in my diet and physical activity made a big difference in my health.  It seemed too big a change for the small effort I put in.

If you’ve been looking at a change you need to make and keep thinking it would be too small to even make a dent in your goals, I would encourage you to stop judging the results before you take the action.  Sometimes the solutions to our challenges are so much simpler than we think they are!

One of the biggest, most complex challenges facing us today are the many divisions separating us from each other – conflict of race and ethnicity, worldview, vision of the future, path to justice, reactions to injustice.

Sometimes I feel foolish for thinking that teaching people to form interpersonal relationships with people who are different from them could really make a dent in this ginormous problem, but what if it really is that simple?

If you want to learn to bridge these differences, I want to teach you!  I will teach a course on these very skills starting next Thursday, and I want you to join us.  The course is free at this time, and it is entirely online delivered in 6 live weekly sessions.  The sessions will be recorded and made available on the course website.

You have no excuse to not join.  Find the details and register at Troy Communications.


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