A Modern Parable


By Tasha M. Troy

Over the past few months, I’ve been learning quite a bit about what it means to live “in the kingdom of God.”

To what shall I compare the kingdom of God? (Luke 13:20)

IMG_8237The kingdom of God is like a very wealthy man who wished for a family.  He prepared a mansion with all the things a family of children would need – a kitchen with a world-class chef, an immense library with every imaginable book for education and enjoyment, a game room for recreation, and bedrooms furnished and fitted with all the clothes and toys needed (and then some!).

When all was prepared, he sent to a local orphanage and adopted five children.

One child ran away the first night, thinking, “You can’t control me!”

One child was convinced there had been a mistake and wouldn’t leave his room.  He never even changed his clothes and wore only the clothes from the orphanage and insisted on eating only bread and water.

One child found the game room and never came back out.  She was determined to enjoy his life to the fullest.

One child was so dazzled by the luxurious abundance that he began asking for more.  And more.  And more.  And more. … He was never satisfied with what he had and always wanted bigger, better, more expensive things.

One child was so grateful that she spent every possible moment with her adoptive father – at the dining table over dinner, in his study while he worked, in the game room having fun.  At times, she would crawl up into the lap of her father while he was working.  As she grew older, the father taught her the business, and when she came of age, the man made her his business partner.


The wealthy man, of course, is our Heavenly Father, Who has adopted us (Romans 8:15) and has “given us everything we need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3).


Take It Deeper

The question is which child are you?  And which would you like to be?

If you would like to go deeper on this topic, I hold free exploratory coaching sessions on Fridays.  You can register online at Troy Communications or email me to schedule an appointment at TMTroy@TroyCommunications.Net


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