An Intentional Pursuit of Purpose




While I have always had a sense of purpose and have always been a bit goal oriented, I have not always lived out this sense of purpose.

Jeju Island, S. Korea, by Tasha M. Troy

Jeju Island, S. Korea, by Tasha M. Troy

When I was 29, I achieved my primary career goal, which was to live and work overseas.  Ok, I admit, looking back, that wasn’t overly ambitious, but at the time it was a big deal to me.

Unfortunately, achieving my goal created a void for me; I no longer had a clear goal to work towards, for the first time in many years.  I drifted between jobs, pursuing the opportunities that presented themselves without seeking specific opportunities.

Seeking for a Purpose

Photo by Tasha M. Troy

Photo by Tasha M. Troy

During this time, I was unconsciously looking for a new goal.  I talked with a coworker about writing a textbook, but then I changed jobs.  There I created a writing curriculum at my new school, but then I was assigned different classes.  Then I started studying measures of “individual differences” – how personality and learning styles impact how students learn new material and began applying for Ph.D. programs.  However, none of these were a worthy goal to energize me to invest my time and effort.

In all this time, I was fortunate that my wanderings took me in a direction of a niche student group I was well equipped to teach.  It was in working with this niche, working with mid-career professionals, that I discovered a new passion, a new purpose.

Pursuing a New Purpose

In the last several years, I have become more and more intentional in pursuing opportunities to realize this purpose – helping others develop stronger relationships through more effective communication skills.  As this has happened, new and bigger opportunities have presented themselves, and I’ve found myself in a good position to take advantage of those opportunities.

Preparation + Attitude + Opportunity + Action = Luck 

I have not yet arrived at my goal, but I am well on my way.  What’s more important is that I am feeling fulfilled and energized today, in the middle of the journey.  I also know that once I reach my goal, there will be still more distant horizons to pursue.

I have said before that I believe every person has a God-given purpose, a unique contribution that only he or she can make.  Are you actively pursuing that purpose?  Are you moving in a direction that will ultimately fulfill you?  Or are you living a comfortable, complacent, and ultimately dissatisfying life?

With a new year comes a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves!  I invite you to join me in living an intentional life!

What is holding you back from becoming more intentional about leading your own life today?



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