Mid-Year Review – 2015


By Tasha M. Troy

Because I have a bit of a reflective personality, I like to take time every so often and assess my situation, so today I am reflecting on the most popular posts of the first half of 2015.


Photo by Tasha M. Troy; taken at the Love Life Women’s Conference, St. Louis, MO

I started the year writing a lot about discovering your purpose and pursuing your dreams, and it appears those topics resonated with what you want to read about, especially when I share my personal stories and experiences.  While it is important to me to reference the “experts,” it seems that is less important to you.

The other two main themes on this list are 1. developing trust and influence and 2. appreciating differences.  I suspect that these themes are going to become more popular in the days ahead; they are essential skill sets for living in our modern society.

Two other things of note:  1. My second most popular post this year has been my first video blog; I think I may have to do more of these!  2. Two of the top 5 posts from 2014 are still on my top 10 list, telling me that there is a need for more on the topics of gentleness and connected listening.

Top 10 Posts of 2015 (So Far)

  1. What Does It Take to Achieve a Dream?  A Personal Story

    Photo by Tasha M. Troy; taken at the Love Life Women’s Conference, St. Louis, MO


  2. A Connective Approach to Influence (4/21/15) videoblog
  3. Embracing “Otherness”: Appreciating Individual Differences (2/24/15)
  4. The Power of Gentleness (6/26/14)
  5. Building Trust: The Linchpin of Influence (3/17/15)
  6. Embracing “Otherness”: A Personal Story (2/20/15)
  7. For His Purpose (1/13/15)
  8. Building Trust: “Your Here and “Their There” (3/24/15)
  9. The Power of Connective Listening (11/18/14)
  10. What Does It Take to Pursue a Dream?  A Biblical Perspective (Part 1) (2/12/15)
 A review like this gives me a fresh sense of direction and helps me focus on writing articles that you want to read.
  • I know you like to hear about real-life experiences dealing with relationship and communication situations.
  • I know you don’t like reading book reviews.
  • And I know that video blogs are at least intriguing.
Which post has been your favorite?  What would you like to read more about?  Let me know in the comments!

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