My Inspiration for Bridging the Divide


When I look at American society today, I see an increasing divide between “us” and “them” – liberals and conservatives, fundamentalists and evangelicals, rich and poor, intellectuals and uneducated.  And I know that I am not the only one to observe these divisions.  I confess that I, too, have been guilty of viewing the world in such stark, black-and-white terms at times.  However, the more I see of the world, the more I get to know people of all walks of life, all religious and political backgrounds, the more I recognize that people are people.  We all have hopes and dreams, we all desire that our lives have meaning, and we all need to be loved.  How we pursue these wants and needs varies, but these are what define the human condition, the human spirit, the human experience.

To be honest, I am uninterested in getting on a “soapbox” and expounding upon the issues of the day, disseminating my opinion to the masses, but I see a gap in the rhetoric, and I feel it is time to start speaking out.  I know I have opinions that will rub people from both ends of the political and ideological spectrum the wrong way.  However, more and more I feel there is a need for a moderate voice.  It is my hope to open a dialogue between persons of opposing viewpoints in order to create some first steps towards reconciling differences.  We don’t have to agree in order to live in harmony.

Comments are welcome.  Opposing viewpoints are welcome.  What is not welcome are invectives, verbal attacks, disparaging or condescending words.  This is a place for the open exchange of ideas.


Add your voice! What are your thoughts on this?

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